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Embarking on a journey of epic proportions, Matt and Grace Grooms, the faces behind @TheGGoldenRoad, recently completed an awe-inspiring feat—walking the entire 8,000 miles of the East Coast Green-way. What makes their adventure even more extraordinary is the presence of their two beloved canine companions, Nemo and Foxi. Nemo, a dog with a dramatic origin story from their first walk, and Foxi, a little Yorkie who rides atop their cart, are not just companions on this remarkable journey; they are integral members of TheGoldenRoad‘s story of purpose, passion, and philanthropy.

Nemo, the seasoned adventurer, found her way into Matt and Grace’s hearts during their initial walk across America. Her story is one of unexpected twists, trials, and triumphs—drama that unfolded and left an indelible mark on the couple. For a closer look at Nemo’s captivating tale, TheGGoldenRoad encourages everyone to check out their social media, where the unfolding chapters of Nemo’s life reveal a heartwarming and dramatic saga.

Perched atop the cart that carries the essentials for their journey is Foxi, a pint-sized Yorkie who has quickly become an icon of charm and warmth. In her fleece Rovercoat, Foxi not only braves the elements but adds a touch of whimsy to TheGGoldenRoad’s caravan. Riding high above the ground, Foxi is a constant reminder of the joy that comes from embracing every aspect of the adventure, no matter how small.

Foxi and Nemo

Nemo, the walking enthusiast, radiates happiness with every step. Her love for the journey is evident in the way she effortlessly covers miles alongside Matt and Grace. Nemo has become an embodiment of the sheer joy that comes from exploring the world on foot, a sentiment that reverberates through TheGGoldenRoad‘s mission and their commitment to Elevate Youth, for whom they raised over $100,000!

TheGGoldenRoad‘s social media accounts are more than just a glimpse into their daily adventures; they are portals into the lives of Nemo and Foxi. From dramatic stories to heartwarming moments, followers can experience the highs and lows of their journey, all while being enchanted by the delightful personalities of these canine companions. Also check out their website, for more great content !

Grace and Nemo
Almost there!
Golden Road camping

As TheGoldenRoad continues to inspire with their incredible journey, Nemo and Foxi stand as testament to the power of companionship, resilience, and the unbridled joy found in each step of the adventure. Follow the ongoing saga on their social media, witness the charm of Foxi riding high, and delve into the dramatic and heartening tales of Nemo’s past. Together, these four travelers—two humans and two canines—are not just traversing miles; they are paving the way for a brighter future for Elevate Youth and leaving paw prints on the hearts of all who follow their journey.

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