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Size Guide

Sizing Guides

Our sizes are based on the length and chest size of your dog. Measure from neck to tail to determine the proper size of your Rovercoat. Measure the width of your dog’s chest to confirm fit. (Tip: Use a piece of string, and then measure it.) Our adjustable neck and chest fasteners, optional rear leg straps, and silky fabric work together to create the perfect fit for your pet.

Rovercoat Size Chart

Size XSmall

Length: 11”-14”

Chest: 13”-16”

Toy Poodle,
Small Pomeraian, etc

Size Small

Length: 13-16”

Chest: 15”-19”

Bichon Frise,
Scottish Terrier,
Jack Russell Terrier, etc

Size Medium

Length: 16”-19”

Chest: 18”-22”

Small Welsh Corgi,
King Charles Spaniel,
Miniature Schnauzer, etc

Size Large

Length: 20”-23”

Chest: 21”-28”

Australian Shepard,
Spaniel, etc

Size XLarge

Length: 24”-27”

Chest: 24”-30”

Golden Retriever, etc

Size XXLarge

Length: 26”-32”

Chest: 29”-36”

Great Dane,
Doberman Pinscher,
Rhodesian Ridgeback, etc